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UNIQUEMI Jeju 100 Days Fermentation Mask – Hydrating 25ml x 1ea

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#DrySkinSavior #Moisturizing

A mask that is infused with the moisturizing extracts of the fermented Jeju Aloe for 100 days improves and balances skin hydration.

Aloe is one of the first herbs that human beings used medicinally.  Ancient societies even called aloe “the mysterious and wonderful plant that heaven bestowed”.  This mask is infused with fermented aloe extract.  The aloe plants grew in the fresh & rich Jeju Island.  Aloe is a great source of aquaporin-3, which improves and balances skin hydration.

Jeju 100 Days Fermentation Masks

These premium Jeju 100 Days Fermentation Masks contain natural functional skin care ingredients that you can use everyday.  The complete set tackles five key areas: concentrated whitening (Saururus), calming sensitive skin (Houttuynia Cordata), elasticity improvement (Haneultari), intensive moisturization (Aloe), and concentrated nutrition (Polygonum Multiflorum). 

Main natural ingredients are Jeju-certified and uphold the highest quality standards.  To preserve the active ingredients (and minimize toxic preservatives), these natural ingredients use a patented fermentation technology.  In fact, this is the same technique used to ferment natural plants in volcanic caves.