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peripera Ink Mood Drop Tint 4g (8 Colors)

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Clearly spreading mood Water paint tinting. Like your real lips minimized smudging.

Clear application like a water painting layered coloration.

Lightly penetrating like your real lips.

Simply chic-Perfect mood.


#01 Hazy Coral - Gently spreading soft coral perfect for your face by summoning coral

#02 Supple Pink - Soft coral pink generated in the context of application

#03 Sugar Red - Sweet pink sprayed red that brightens the lips

#04 Goji Berry - Berry pink with one drop of plum to brighten the eyes

#05 Tanned Red - Soft rose brick red that awakens hidden red sensibility

#06 Cherry Fizz

#07 Papaya Coral

#08 Misty Beige