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Manyo Factory

Manyo Factory Moist Floral Feminine Foam Cleanser Feminine Wash 150ml

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  • Product description 

: Preservatives and 24 kinds of chemical substances free safety-cleaner (99.9% from natural origin)


: Fresh/moisture mild cleanser for children to adult use.

: Sub acidic PH 5.0~5.5 sub acidic cleanser to balance and form protection shield. 

: Contains coconut oil extract natural surfactant. 


: Completion of antimicrobial test (antimicrobial activity against candida, antibacterial effect of Staphylococcus aureus).


: Completion of deodorization test (deodorization of ammonia & trimethylamine by flowering and fragrance).


: Human body test completed to improve itchiness due to dryness.


: Skin moisture improvement 62.73% test completed. 

  • How to use


: Use proper amount of bubbles to massage and rinse off with water.