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[MACQUEEN NEW YORK] Eyelash Perm Kit

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This eyelash perm kit consists of:

Eyelash Perm Rod 5pair (LL, L, M, S, SS)

Eyelash Perm Glue Step 01 2g 

Eyelash Perm Stick 5ea

Eyelash Perm Cream Step 02 5ml

Micro Brush 5ea

Eyelash Perm Cream Step 03 5ml

Micro Brush 5ea


  • Enjoy up to 5 times of professional eyelash curling and lifting up.
  • This DIY eyelash perm kit lets you create extra curl to your natural lashes easily.

1. Remove any moisture and sebum around the eye area.

2. Pick a perm rod that suits the shape of your eyes and eyelashes' length.

3. Apply the perm glue to the silicone rod, then gently put the lashes into position.

4. Use a micro brush to apply Step 2 Perm Cream and ensure the lashes that stay in perfect position.

5. After 13-15 minutes, remove some cream with a cotton pad.

6. Repeat step 4 with Step 3 Perm Cream. Leave in for 10-13 minutes.

7. Remove the remaining glue with cotton pads and the silicone rods.