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ILLIYOON Ultra Repair Intense Lotion 350ml

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A highly moisturizing body lotion containing a vitamin D-panthenol complex for ultra-dry skin.

It strengthens the skin barrier and promotes moisture retention. Contains sea pine oil and fermented bean extract to protect the skin and keep it taut. Keeps moisturized for 24 hours, reduces tension by 31%!

It is dermatologically tested without the addition of animal ingredients, mineral oils, synthetic pigments, imidazole dinylurea, or triethanolamine.

Contains Madecasoside and Urea ingredients for keratin care. 90% say that the keratin of the skin is better, and 95% say that it stays moisturized for a long time.

A special double-structured container blocks the ingress of air. You can use up to the last drop. (350ml version only)