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heimish Glitter Eye Shadow Palette Coral Berry 8.5g

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9 colors Glitter Eye Shadow Palette is based on heimish's well-loved "Coral Glitter" as the main color, with subtle colors and brilliance that shine as you apply.
Coral Berry - A calming pink color with elegant and romantic feeling "Coral Pink"
Composed of tone-downed calming mute pink color scheme and lively and bright coral color scheme

-Matte Pearl (Mute Pink & Peach Light): A smooth texture that embodies the vivid color and glitter effect of matte shadow
-Crystal Pearl (Sugar White & Sugar Berry): Glitter with subtle, transparent, fine pearls glistening like jewels
-Shimmer Glitter (Pink & Coral): Soft and melt-like elastic formula, a moist Vaseline light glitter that makes you look solid
-Glitter Bomb (Sparkling Coral & Twinkle Berry): A balm Type formula mixed with various sizes of glitters, and it glitters for a long time sticking to the skin smoothly
-Shade Shimmer (Woody Brown): A shimmering pearl that gives you a natural shading