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EUNYUL Collagen Special Program Set (5pcs)

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$24.60 USD

Collagen Special Skin 150ml

Collagen Special Lotion 150ml

Collagen Special Essence 50ml

Collagen Special Eye Cream 50ml

Collagen Special Program Cream 50ml

Benefits:Enriched with Hydrolyzed Collagen to improve elasticity and lift skin from inside for a smooth finish.

Helps to promote skin metabolism and keep it hydrated by enhancing its moisture retaining ability.

Formulated with various plant extracts to protect skin and leave a relaxing scent.

Toner, Essence, Eye Cream and Cream: Certified by KFDA as functional products for wrinkle improvement.


A toner to soothe and improve moisture retaining ability of dry skin keeping it silky soft and moisturized.


This lotion provides intense hydration and relax your skin with pleasant aroma.


Helps to restore the healthy state of dry, tired skin with rich moisture and nourishment.

Eye Cream:

Provides deep hydration and nourishment to keep your delicate eye areas healthy and resilient.


Soothes and repairs dry, stressed skin for a radiant and supple finish.