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espoir Real Eye Palette #2 Rosy Feed (Lovely Pink Beam Vitality) 10g

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  • REAL DAILY COLOR MOOD. Makeup colors perfect for daily use because the colors and textures provide will perfectly match with various looks
  • REAL SPENDID MOIST CUSHION GLITTER. Closely adhering strong splendid new cushion glitter that has a cushiony texture and sparkles splendidly and clearly as it softly adheres to the skin and provides a moist ultimate sparkle as if holding moisture
  • THE MOST USEFUL MULTI USE COLOR. The best palette that provides full makeup. Multi-use colors which can be used for eyes, cheeks, brow and shading provides full makeup with one palette
  • WIDE PAN CAN BE USED FOR VARIOUS AREAS WITHOUT WORRYING THAT IT WILL WEAR DOWN. 1) Cushion glitter - Splendidly sparkling splendid cushion glitter. 2) Eye base & cheek – Clear water painting color can be used as eye shadow base and cheek. 3) Main Color – Medium chrome main colors for eye makeup. 4) Base Color – Base color increases a lasting effect by tidying up the skin around the eyes before applying makeup. 5) Cushion Glitter - Sparkling splendid cushion glitter
  • MAKE-UP TIP. The most useful multi use colors can be used for various areas such as cheeks and brow as well as eye shadow. Tip1 – Shape eyebrow with double shot color of real eye palette #Peachylike. Tip2 – Apply eyeshadow base and cheek with forever young color of real eye palette #Nudemood. Tip3 – Complete nose shading with light gray color of real eye palette #Rosyfeed