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espoir Bronze Painting Waterproof Eye Pencil 1.5g

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  • Try ESPOIR’s most popular waterproof eyeliner in the bronze spectrum: 2013 Instyle Star beauty awards, 2017 Glowpick beauty awards
  • SOFT sliding gel texture with rich and bright colors
  • HIGH COLORATION: The splendidly sparkling pearl tone and color make your eyes look more attractive
  • LONG-LASTING : Smudge proof and long-wearing proof effect that maintains makeup all day long
  • APPLICATION: After sharpening the tip of the pencil, gently draw between eyelashes along the eyeline in a filling-in motion. With the enclosed tip, gently smudge and create gradation according to your desired color concentration. *If the lead of the pencil is dull, sharpen it with the eyeliner sharpener before use