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DERMATORY Hypoallergenic Mosturizing Knit Mask 40ml X 1ea

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Completed a total of 10 patch tests Completed 100% of the hypoallergenic physical patch tests.


  • Allantoin, providing effective foritfying of the skin barrier with soothing, hydrating benefits for sensitive skin, produces a moisturizing synergy with Panthenol and Ceramide for intensive hydrating care.
  • An ample 40ml capacity of one cream essence container was put into each sheetfor long-lasting, moisturized skin.
  • The cream essence of the Allantoin ingredient with powerful moisturizing effects from the knit sheet provides superior moisture delivery with intense, quick-acting moisturizing care. 
  • The sheet mask delivers infuses active ingredients deep into the skin through the thick knit material with superior absorption in contrast with ordinary synthetic textiles.