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CLIO Kill Brow Waxless Powder Pencil 1.85g (5 Colors)

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The soft powder-type pencil applies smoothly like art pencil.

The brow pencil made of compressed powder, instead of gel or wax, offers soft application, even on a moisture-free bare face.
The easy-to-use, diagonal-shaped pencil provides an effort-less, natural effect to create a brow that matches any face type.
A matte finish that looks as though the brows were finished with powder! Long-lasting with excellent adherence.

#01 NATURAL BROWN : Natural brown suits a natural, soft brown hair color
#02 LIGHT BROWN : Light brown suits a light brown hair color
#03 PEANUT BROWN : The pale brown suits brightly-dyed hair
#04 PINK BROWN : Pink brown suits a soft, reddish hair color
#05 : GRAY BROWN : Gray brown suits black or dark hair