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CLIO Kill Brow Color Brow Lacquer 4.5g (5 Colors)

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Remarkable texture rewards vivid coloring in a single stroke.
The initial coloring quickly fixes to the skin for color coverage that lasts Powerful waterproof formula for absolute lastingness.
Fine triangular brush promotes even application free of clumping without the need for quantity control.

#02 LIGHT BROWN : Light brown goes well with light brown hair
#03 PEANUT BROWN : Pale brown goes well with brightly-dyed hair
#04 REDDISH BROWN : Reddish brown goes well with hair color showing hues of red and orange
#05 PINK BROWN : Pink brown goes well with hair color showing a soft pink hue
#06 BLONDIE BROWN : Blondie brown goes well with very brightly-dyed hair